Is it risky ?

No riskier than saying “No”.

Over the last few years the Pound has devalued nearly 30% against the Euro at times, banks have gone bust, unemployment has risen and taxes & government debt has skyrocketed to pay for it all. None of this was on the label at any of the associated general elections. (The labels actually said “Peace, Prosperity and an end to boom bust economics”).

What about the break up of the UK ? Won’t that be sad ?

The M6 will still be there, we’ll still speak the same language, watch the same TV programmes, participate in the same sports, live on the same island and eat the same greasy chips. So no. It won’t be “sad” unless you don’t like greasy chips as there’s no escape.

But isn’t that a reason to stay together ?

We will be together. We’re just not going to be governed by the same bunch of psychopaths – it will be a different bunch of psychopaths that more closely reflect local political priorities and values (such as not getting into illegal wars, not bulldozing the industrial landscape into oblivion and not letting wild dogs run the financial world)

But what about “that guy” from Deutche Bank who said there’ll be a massive recession if Scotland voted Yes ?

Deutche bank has one of the biggest derivative exposures in the world and has been on “suicide watch” for the last 2 years. The words “Turkey” and “Christmas” spring to mind

But Billy Connolly and George Galloway say they have as much solidarity with a Liverpool dock worker as a Glasgow rail worker and that we should not “build barriers” to solidarity

Solidarity’s not much use when you’re all fish in the same barrel. The difference is that the Glasgow rail worker has a tool at his disposal left in place by his 300 year old ancestors to get out of the barrel in case of difficulty. Said “difficulty” has now appeared in the form of a 40 year divergence of political priorities that keeps not going away. Remember your airline safety – “put your own oxygen mask on before helping others”

But what about all the extra administrative costs associated with independence ?

Cost of administering a small country ? About £200 million, Cost of funding unrequested government policies like de-industrialisation, bank capitulation and weaponisation ? Priceless

But Richard Branson says his mum is from Edinburgh and that there are a lot of “unknowns” which may be “catasptrophic”

Every success Richard Branson ever had started full of “unknowns” except he wasn’t surrounded by fish, oil and endless farmland at the time. If one man can do it, a small country can.

But what about the currency ? It doesn’t seem thought out.

A. The currency has been “thought out” for decades. The only people that didn’t think it out are the UK political and banking elite who are now quaking in their boots at the prospect of not being able to prop up their balance of payments with a constant pot of oil money to hand. They might have to actually do something visionary like redevelop their industrial base instead of pumping up property prices. Unfortunately thats not their strong point which is why they’re desperately trying to pretend that we need them more than they need us.



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